List your current major competitors.

The current direct competitor for the W hotel is Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel St Paul, Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suite, and Hotel 10 because there are located in downtown. Also there are considerate as the same star rating that is 4 start hotels. An differentiate themselves as nightclub hotels.

List potential competitors or new competitors.

(Potential competitor cause they all share a nightclub feature that differentiated them)

Hilton Garden Inn

Hotel St Paul

Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suite

Hotel 10

New competitor

Hotel Nelligan

The Ritz-Carton

Hotel Gault

Sofitel Montreal



Describe the major competitive strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

W hotel there strength is great location and concierge service call whatever whenever.

Hilton Garden Inn: amazing location in the heard of downtown. But bad network (wifi connection)

Hotel St Paul: Boutique hotel, personalize service.

Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suite: finest architecture make it attractive, and excellent location in the old port.

Hotel 10: trendy with a nightclub entertainment

Hotel Nelligan: strength in the location and excellent service


The Ritz-Carton: Excellent location, provide and exceptional 5 start hotel and luxurious.

Sofitel Montreal


Identify whether this information comes from your own evaluation or specific sources.

The information comes from own evaluation of the following sources such as trip adviser.