Le Red Tiger

Vietnamese food is more popular all the world. Food lovers have tried the two best known Vietnamese dishes such as spring rolls, Pho, and break rolls. In Vietnamese, you will discover fact: Vietnamese people love noodles. They eat them every day, sometimes for every meal. As in many countries in Asian, people tend to eat ‘family style’, sharing dishes.

In Montreal, Le Red Tiger restaurant will give you understand more about Vietnamese food. This place is so good. The service was excellent and the interior was so chill. Le Red Tiger is a Vietnamese pub, conveniently located on1200 Boul de Maisonneuve E , a few minutes of walk from metro Beaudry. Vietnamese cuisine is rich in flavors with loads of freshness. This Vietnamese pub, serving delicious street food and an atmosphere that invites you to stay, hang out, and eat massive amounts of beef and chicken wings.
For drinking, they had a nice selection with fun names such as; ‘me love you long time’, ‘good morning Vietnam’, and ‘Saigon sunshine’. You should try this restaurant because it’s taste is remarkable. You will never forget Le Red Tiger.

Vadim Daniel http://tastet.ca/2015/06/23/le-red-tiger-super-nouveau-resto-dans-le-village/
Vadim Daniel