Cancun is Mexico’s most visited tourist destination and boasts over twenty-five thousand hotel rooms. There’s golf, tennis, lots of shopping facilities and a remarkable biodiversity. There are four hundred seventy-five bird species, over a hundred different mammals and twelve hundred plant species.

Moto The Glistening City
Moto The Glistening City

Cancun has lots of beach and the hotels are magnificent. Some people actually never even leave the hotel grounds their entire vacation. This speaks volumes for some of these resorts situated on the edge of ocean beaches.

The beautiful ocean is home to over two thousand five hundred marine species with five hundred different tropical fish.

Cancun is located in the State of Quintana Roo at the most southern tip of the peninsula. It is divided into two sections: the Hotel Zone which is a 22 km sandy strip of land between a lagoon and seaside hotels located on Cancun Island and Cancun which is home to the many Mexicans who live in the district. Downtown is located on the mainland.

Cancun is an international tourist destination and thus there is foreign money and experience here. Many of the hotels are co-owned by foreign investors who also supply experienced management.