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H.I.S is one of the top travel agency in Japan with over 498 stores around the world. It currently has 200 branches in 130 cities abroad. The company highly experienced and knowledgeable local staff will respond to customers’ demands promptly, giving them peace of mind so that they can thoroughly enjoy their travels. This worldwide network allows them to acquire the latest travel information from all over the globe enabling the smooth arrangement of airline and all other types of tickets, and hotel reservations. Coming to the H.I.S Canada, the clients can have many choices of making a nice trip as they wish, and the company also offers a lot of products and services. Moreover, the goal is attractive many types of guests by providing the good service exceed the customers’ expectations.  Furthermore, the values of H.I.S Canada are Love, Peace, and Travel.
First of all, these mains target market segments of H.I.S Canada are Canadians, group students, independent travelers. To get the customers’ attentions on their grateful packages, they advertiser their products and services by social media, events, advertising, newspapers, televisions, etc.
Secondly, the company offers many tours in Japan. In addition, they has many special offers, and amazing packages to the customers including cherry blossom, famous hotel for ski, Tokyo Disneyland, mountain holiday, food and culture package. Coming to the tour, the customers are not only relax but also they can enjoy and get more knowledge about other country. Moreover, the company has the friendly and professional sellers to represent and provide the information to customers. They build the trust from the clients by asking the questions, trying to determine the guests’ needs, wants and demands. They help the client as much as they can.

At the event, the director of sell is a kind person, she explains us on friendly attitude, and she has good first impression. Moreover, she worked in field of sales for 7 years so she has a strong experience about the tourism. Every day, her jobs include building and maintaining strong relationship with customers. Besides, she effectively communicates the value proposition through proposals and presentations. I feel comfortable while make conversation with her.
I choose the Japanese’s tour operator because it has a luxury decoration, with wide space, and professional employees. However, the most attractive place is Indian Voyage, because it represents many the items which connect to their products in Indian.

The trade show was amazing. This is one of all events i really like. It helps me to get many information from professional salespeople such as knowledge about country, culture, travelers. Moreover, i am surprised with Cuba company, i had a conversation with them. They make me feel comfortable. In addition, i know that we can travel Cuba without passport Canada. You only buy the ticket and they give the passport for you at the airport. That is interesting. Through the trade show, it help me change my perception about marketing and traveling. I hope that the school will organize more events for us, so we have more opportunities to develop an understanding



Hotel W competition

List your current major competitors.

The current direct competitor for the W hotel is Hilton Garden Inn, Hotel St Paul, Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suite, and Hotel 10 because there are located in downtown. Also there are considerate as the same star rating that is 4 start hotels. An differentiate themselves as nightclub hotels.

List potential competitors or new competitors.

(Potential competitor cause they all share a nightclub feature that differentiated them)

Hilton Garden Inn

Hotel St Paul

Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suite

Hotel 10

New competitor

Hotel Nelligan

The Ritz-Carton

Hotel Gault

Sofitel Montreal



Describe the major competitive strengths and weaknesses of each competitor.

W hotel there strength is great location and concierge service call whatever whenever.

Hilton Garden Inn: amazing location in the heard of downtown. But bad network (wifi connection)

Hotel St Paul: Boutique hotel, personalize service.

Le Place d’Armes Hotel & Suite: finest architecture make it attractive, and excellent location in the old port.

Hotel 10: trendy with a nightclub entertainment

Hotel Nelligan: strength in the location and excellent service


The Ritz-Carton: Excellent location, provide and exceptional 5 start hotel and luxurious.

Sofitel Montreal


Identify whether this information comes from your own evaluation or specific sources.

The information comes from own evaluation of the following sources such as trip adviser.

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